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Trust your translator ... trust Lucy Brooks -
reliable, professional, friendly
When faced with the need to have your business, technical, and commercial documents translated, you should send them to a translator you can trust. I will translate your precious sales, technical and corporate information from German, French or Spanish into smooth and polished English that is ready to publish.

You need a translator you can trust to produce a translation that does not feel like a translation. ‘Translations you can trust’  is my motto.


When you hire Lucy Brooks you get ...


  • Three decades of translation experience in technical and business documents of every kind.

  • A translator who has background experience in law, commerce, business, IT, industrial machinery, and marketing.

  • A reliable professional who is a Chartered Linguist and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguists in the UK.

  • A translator who does more than translate words - I am also a writer of good copy that can be published with little or no further editing.

  • A translator who understands the importance of continuing professional development.

  • Localisation advice for the UK*.


* Localisation: preparing a text for use in another country or region.


  • Translation services from German, French or Spanish into British English

    • Contracts

    • Business documents

    • Tender documents

    • Certificates

    • Instruction manuals

    • Marketing information

    • Technical documentation

  • Certification of translation 

    • On request, I can certify my translation in cases where the UK authorities require it.

  • Privacy guaranteed. See my privacy policy

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June 2022

I have progressed in Toastmasters to complete my first pathway in Persuasive Influence. I have also undertaken a wide variety of translation assignments over the past few years, including a website for a hotel, and numerous marketing documents for a company in Germany.

November 2020

Last year I joined Toastmsters International and am making progress on my public speaking journey. I thoroughly recommend this organisation to anyone wishing to gain confidence when making presentations and speeches.

8 May 2020

I was delighted to join seven other speakers at the BP20+ mini-conference. yesterday. My topic was "Retiring gracefully - if at all". I thoroughly enjoyed my twenty-minute talk, which was followed by a lively Q&A.

12 February 2020

The Southern Manufacturing Show is a one-stop-shop for products and services that add value to industrial processes. I visited the show and viewed the latest innovations.

17 January 2020

Despite the UK leaving the EU on 31st January, for the time being at least, I do not envisage any changes to my relations with EU customers. Things will go on as before for at least this year.

8 October 2019

I attended a conference for translators, set in the historic city of Split, Croatia. I benefited greatly from the workshops I attended, but also from visiting such a wonderful city. My blog post tells you more.

September 2018

What is translation exactly?


June 2018

Machine Translation - will it replace me and my translator colleagues

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