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My service to you



What it is ...

Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source language text by means of an equivalent target-language text. It is NOT simply the transfer of words one by one from one language to another. Machines can do that. What machines cannot do is convey culture, nuances, subtleties, expressions, grammar and appropriateness of the text.


A good translator spends a lot of time researching - your products, your industry, your business. The end result will be a text that does not feel translated.


A good translator spends a lot of time honing skills and knowledge by undergoing a programme of continuing professional development - just like doctors and accountants do.


A good translator understands the spirit of the text - and conveys it into the other language so that the reader hardly knows it was translated.

What it isn't ...

Translation is not spoken. Translators work in their offices, on a computer, using tools to aid the process (online resources, specialist dictionaries and the like). 


Translators accept your texts in written form, preferably in an editable format such as MS Word, though we appreciate that sometimes this is not possible.

If you use a desktop publishing service, we can sometimes work directly with your input files.

Translators are not interpreters (conveying spoken language)  and I do not offer this service. 

Nor do I offer sight translation as a service.


Why is translation so important?



  • Because life can quite literally depend on it.

  • Because without translators, commerce and industry could not function.

  • Without translation, business would not get done

  • Without translation, new markets would not be forged.

  • I can translate your specifications, brochures, business correspondence, instruction manuals and much much more, professionally and at reasonable cost to you.

  • Localisation


    If you have a website created in another country and wish to adapt it for use in the United Kingdom, please contact me. I will be able to help.

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